Energy Usage

In early 2019, I identified lifestyle changes I’d have to make to reduce my energy usage to the global average. The Beeminder links below show my track record in making these lifestyle changes \*, visualized in graphs of my miles flown/driven over time.

  1. Fly at most 1 roundtrip from SF to Boston (or equivalent) each year:
  2. Drive / be driven at most 1 8-mi roundtrip from Boston to Cambridge (or equivalent) each week:
  3. Buy 0 “big” items per year in addition to replacing my laptop and phone, toiletries, clothes, miscellaneous items at a reasonable pace: \*\*
  4. Consume 0 hot drinks:
  5. [If I can get my utility bill at some point: Limit home heating and electric to 33 watts + heating costs.]


\* I am only tracking the proposed lifestyle changes that are easily trackable (for example, I’m not tracking foods I consumed). Luckily, it turns out that the easily trackable changes (miles flown and driven) are mostly the ones that I need to track to make the most significant reductions to my energy usage. Tracking food and stuff are less important because I already have low-energy-usage habits in those areas.

\*\* The driving and buying reductions are more ambitious in the original blog post. I am setting these goals more leniently for now to build momentum.