Envisioning how climate change was solved

My friend Brandon sent me [“How the Great Transition was made: A brief history dated 2050”](https://www.ecologise.in/2018/08/05/ted-trainer-how-the-great-transition-was-made-2/), which fictionally describes how humanity solved climate change, looking back from 2050. I was inspired to write my own version, which is what I will be working on now. [Edit 3/7: I will try to focus on new aspects not covered in the Ted Trainer piece. I will try to avoid rehashing peak oil. New aspects may include whether or not messaging about minimalism made a difference in the transition to lower consumption (and the tactics of such messaging, e.g. contacting key religious leaders who might be turned to in the peak oil or other crisis), whether and how much sequestration effort was needed throughout the entire process. I also may include history on how the U.S. responded to the 1970s decline in domestic oil production and Arab oil embargoes to flesh out what the early response to peak oil may look like detail, although it’s unclear if this is necessary.]

Note: I recommend reading the “How the Great Transition was made” article; I found it to be a plausible account of how things might play out.